Cybogria Manifesto

These large painting drawing incarnations are Hallidonto’s early frescoes that were often to referred to as ‘cartoons’ within the Renaissance period I envision my work as the neo-renaissance – these ‘stages’ of the metamorphosis (more)


Hanafuda – or flower cards in Japanese – are a deck of playing cards that can be used for a variety of games. Card games were brought to Japan with the French missionary Francis Xavier in 1549 – Nintendo most known to the populace (more)

Digital Collage

The digital collages are the re-contextualization of my drawing works – the juxtaposition of bold colours and Geometric shapes reminiscent of motifs inspired by Byzantine -Renaissance and Orthodox (more)

Birth of a Cyborg

The aim of this project is to promote and explore the convergence of 21st-century technology in the form of immersive VR with a more traditional approach to Art practice – with the aim of embodying notions of the classical (more)

Sanctum Cyborgia

Sanctum Cyborgia, is an interdisciplinary immersive operatic performance. The ‘participants will be given the opportunity to explore their own humanity through this sensory-led performance, based on the work and cyborgs (more)

Biomorphism Oil Series

Biomorphism 1-1 is the exploration of new lifeforms – is the human body the chrysalis for the next stage of metamorphosis – a new series of oil works.

Cyborgia Manifesto Perfromance

This piece is an interdisciplinary work, an amalgamation of an eclectic mix of different disciplines coming together. Its symbiotic nature sheds light into organic life within the cyborg life-forms within these shells, the singularity (more)

Hallidonto x Cyborgnest

Such a pleasure to be collaborating with CyborgNest – Human Enhancement- with the upcoming release of their new technology – Art and Tech a beautiful combination – I designed apparel for the upcoming release of their Sentero Cyborgnest