No Exit.

No Exit” – Giclee Print


Museum quality digital print

This is signed and numbered print from a limited edition of 100

Printed on heavyweight textured Aquarelle Rag 310gsm 100% cotton archival paper

Image size  – Paper size   approx

Sent rolled in a wide tube

This piece has considerable prominence to me, my initial drawings had no ‘flesh’ they were stark one lined drawings – after I graduated and still ‘recovering’ from the initial effects of my brain injury and the denial and confusion of the life-lasting effects the TBI had on me physiologically and psychologically. I retreated into my work and to develop my continuous line technique and around the time of this piece, is when I began to write the “Cyborgia Manifesto”.

This drawing sums up my metamorphosis on many levels – the existential crisis of who I was, my thoughts for the future, this was a dark time, I didn’t want to live in this organic body, I had lost Graeme, I was losing myself, losing my purpose, I felt confined and confused… This drawing represented the duality of my existence, this was the beginning of my post-human inquiry… The tension in this body, the grace of my lines, and the sentimentality of my own personal anguish, I sought solitude in my Art… The Cyborg is the inquiry, my memories, my future, my past, and the ever-present intrigue of the future. I made a choice do I give up or do I pursue my visions… There was ‘No exit‘ this was the beginning of my journey to be, to be Hallidonto…

The title “No Exit” is from Jean-Paul Sartre’s play “No Exit‘ where one of his famous quotes is “Hell is other people”.


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